An evening of spontaneous invention 
Directed by Roger Treece  

Imagine a circle of singers, interweaving harmony, melody and rhythm in a spontaneously created world of sound.  Roger composes as you watch and listen, bringing every member of the circle into a cohesive whole.  Singers and listeners alike are transported by the magic that ensues.

Roger brings groups together in workshops that can culminate in open performances.  He works with singers at all ability levels, sharing his musical expertise, insights and inspiration, and facilitating the creativity of the whole.

To see a FULL CIRCLE CONCERT, past this link into your broswer. This concert was part of Aarhus Vocal Festival 2015. 

Spontaneously composed and directed by Roger Treece and Jim Daus Hjernøe featuring Rhiannon, Bob Stoloff, RAMA Voices and special guest stars from around the world: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Germany, Belgium, US and Uruguay.  

Camera operator: Gustav Andreas Berg 
Production, cut and edit: Kristian Skårhøj